Reasons You Need Tax Professionals for Offer In Compromise

Tax professionals are your mediators between the IRS and you. They represent you during times where you may not have known the answer (even though the IRS talks to you like you live and breathe taxes). 

Their sole purpose is to support you during your worst moments and guide you through the muddy waters of the IRS. 

They’ll answer any questions you have, no matter how dumb you may feel asking them. Furthermore, you’ll hardly need to speak with the IRS. A tax professional does all the talking and correspondence for you.

That’s what makes speaking with a tax professional so important when you’re applying for an Offer in Compromise.

tax professionals help you!

1. An Offer in Compromise is one, if not, the most difficult tax relief programs to qualify for.

You have to be extremely familiar with the IRS tax laws to consider applying for an Offer in Compromise on your own. Let’s put it this way, the difference is much like representing yourself in court vs having an attorney. An attorney can give you a much better outcome in court than if you have done it on your own.

The IRS acceptance rate for an Offer in Compromise is extraordinarily low– as much as a 30% acceptance rate. This is primarily due to the amount of paperwork and time that needs to be spent negotiating with the IRS. That leads us to the next benefit.

2. Tax professionals have the time

While you’re hard at work with your job, your kids, school, or whatever life has for you, your tax professional is dedicating their day to filing your Offer in Compromise, listening to the hold music with the IRS, and going back and forth with them to give you the best results. 

An Offer in Compromise is a slow process. It’s very common for an OIC submission to take 12 months for the average tax relief company. For us, we’ve seen as low as 9 months.

3. Tax Professionals Fight For You

It’s easy to accept what the government offers you, even if the rebuttal isn’t ideal for you. How terrifying is it to negotiate with government officials? If the IRS responds back with an offer that would place you in financial hardship, your tax professional will fight back to make sure you get what works for you.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement

4. Tax Professionals Protect Your Right to Dispute with The IRS

Very few taxpayers know you have the right to speak with the IRS about your taxes. It’s easy to accept it and get it over with. In reality, you may negotiate with them and explain your situation to them.

Tax professionals carefully navigates the IRS agents to ensure your life is being considered when the IRS creates your tax debt plan. The IRS has no obligation to lower your debt or account for things outside of your basic necessities.

A tax professional does and makes sure they do.

5. Tax Professionals Collect the Right Documents

The IRS lists what you need in this well organized and rather lengthy document. While it is nice to have as a resource, it would be so much easier if someone just told you what you needed and they handled the rest. Well, that’s what tax professionals do. They’ll gather a list of documents they need from you and submit them to the IRS. 

6. Review Your Qualifications

The eligibility requirements for an Offer in Compromise is intense and very detailed. As we said earlier, the IRS has no obligation to lower your debt. Therefore, you need concrete proof you qualify for reduced tax liability. You’ll receive the help you need to qualify before starting the application process. In most cases, you may need to file your missed required tax returns.

Tax professionals with Offer in Compromise

7. Search for More Tax Relief Options

With the acceptance rate so low, even with a tax relief pro helping you, there is a possibility the Offer in Compromise may not go through. An honest and supportive tax professional will not leave you behind. They get you the tax relief you deserve. There are several tax relief options available to all taxpayers. It’s a matter of finding the one that works for you.

8. Help You Beyond an Offer in Compromise

A reliable tax professional scope beyond only tax relief. They offer tax debt prevention to stop you from accruing any more tax liability. Our tax preparation services file taxes for you so that it’s guaranteed correct, or your money back.

Choose a Tax Professional That’s Right For You

An Offer in Compromise is different from the other tax relief options you may read about. It’s a tedious relief option, but well worth the attempt. It can reduce your taxes by as much as 90%.

Call America’s Choice Tax Relief for a free consultation on your Offer in Compromise eligibility. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to submit the papers on your own. Unless you qualify for  a Low Income Fee Waiver, you will pay for more application fees than necessary. Speak with one of our tax pros today!

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