Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Every year, Americans around the world prepare their taxes for the incoming tax season. For some, the process is a simple fill-in form and a short wait time for their incoming refund. For others, tax preparation is best made easy with tax professional help. For peace of mind, America’s Choice Tax offers tax preparation services nationwide.

Even the most simple of tax filings can receive maximized deductions and a review for errors. A tax preparer is always up-to-date on the latest tax codes that the average taxpayer would miss.

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Federal and state tax preparation in all 50 states. We ensure you file your taxes correctly the first time and every time thereafter.
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Credits and Deductions for Individuals

A deduction is a section of income that is not subjected to taxes. This lowers your tax liability before you begin calculating. Fill out Schedule A of 1040 Credits to calculate your itemized deductions.

According to the IRS, your deduction depends on:

There is a difference between itemized deduction and standard deduction. Standard deduction is a general fixed amount for all taxpayers that depends on their tax bracket. Itemized deductions consist of a detailed list of deductions such as charitable contributions, interest, etc. It’s a customized deduction to your tax bracket than the general tax deduction.

After you have calculated your tax liability, you receive tax credits. They reduce the tax amount owed.

There are three types of tax credits:

Partial and full refundable credits contribute to your refund. Non-refundable credits only reduce your tax liability until the liability reaches zero dollars.

State vs Federal Taxes

State, local, and federal taxes have different rules, codes, and regulations for income tax. State and Federal taxes depend on a percentage rate based on your income bracket. But, each state tax percentage differs including what deductions and credits qualify. There are few states around the country that do not have income tax at all.

Since the pandemic, people have worked from home and have moved to different states. This coming tax season you may owe taxes in both states if you live outside the company’s state.

As of 2021 going into the 2022 tax year, federal tax brackets split into 7 categories: 10%, 13%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35%, and 37% for all filer types.  Contact a professional to determine what income affects your federal and state taxes. Calculate your taxes the right way.

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America’s Choice Tax is in Murrieta, CA with full virtual capabilities to file your taxes regardless of your state. We work tirelessly to ensure your income tax on the federal, local, and state levels are prepared correctly. We’ll be glad to help you create a tax preparation plan to avoid errors and fees. Save money today and file your taxes with the best tax preparation service. We are America’s Choice.

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