Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution

A tax resolution plan is entirely possible. You need tax professionals who will assist you with finding programs that work for you. America’s Tax Choice provides a personalized experience that you will be happy with. We give you our time and attention to ensure that you receive the best tax service possible.

Our tax resolution plan begins with a free consultation where we have a personal conversation about your tax problems. It’s a simple interview that prioritizes understanding you and your life. Each taxpayer has a different problem than the taxpayer before them. It is our duty to make sure that you receive honest and fair treatment with our undivided attention.

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After your free consultation, you will have insight on how we will give you the tax resolution you deserve. If you agree to our services, we’ll immediately investigate your tax issue. We’ll connect with the IRS on your behalf to create a thorough and productive plan. 

Too many times the average taxpayer misses out on helpful programs. As a tax resolution firm, we have all the information you need to assure that we’re doing everything we can to help you. We’ll inform you of the programs you qualify for and how to achieve financial freedom.

Once we have created the plan, our final step is to execute it. A tax professional simplifies the IRS collection process. You won’t have to do much except answer our phone calls and be honest with us about your situation.  You’ll receive regular updates as we execute our agreed plan to resolve your tax situation.

Common Tax Resolution Programs

Tax resolution programs are designed to place you in good standing with the IRS authorities. 

Tax Resolution Plans We Offer

Wage Garnishment
Wage Garnishment is an aggressive involuntary tactic. The IRS takes a percentage of your paycheck until the taxes are paid. This ensures that the IRS receives the money you owe. While this may seem like an easy solution, they often take more than what you can afford to live on. Sometimes as much as 50% of your check! Stop IRS wage garnishment by speaking with a tax professional to set up a reasonable payment plan.
Tax Lien Removal
A tax lien is commonly known as a seized asset. The IRS claims or secures your property until you pay off your taxes. Once you pay it off, the lien is removed and your property is yours once again. It requires due diligence to negotiate with the IRS. A tax specialist will guide you through the tax lien removal process to give you back your property.
Audit Representation
A tax audit from the IRS is not always a bad thing. Most of the time the IRS, or even the state, is verifying the accuracy of your taxes. However, it is important to note that the IRS makes mistakes too and it’s up to you to determine what they are. An experienced tax expert at America’s Choice Tax may compare audits to your finances. If there are any mistakes, we conduct an investigation on your behalf to hold the IRS accountable. It is rare that you need a tax attorney. Unless a taxpayer is intentionally evading or the mishaps need legal help, you only need a tax professional. Should you need a tax attorney, we have them on retainer to help you.
Installment Plans
An installment is a common way of paying the IRS. It allows you to reasonably pay off your taxes and the IRS is happy that they are receiving their tax dollars. You may negotiate on your own, but what the IRS doesn’t want you to know is that you can make even lower payments based on your income. A tax advisor has complete knowledge of tax laws and negotiation tactics to optimize your payment plan. They will have a side-by-side overview of your finances and what information the IRS has on you. You may be paying for penalties or fees you shouldn’t have to pay. America’s Choice Tax will ease your financial burden while staying compliant with the laws and regulations.

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Since 2019, America’s Choice Tax has helped clients resolve over $50 million in taxes. 

We follow a basic 2-step process that promotes efficiency, accuracy, and communication. 

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